Kliški uskoci on movie sets

Kliški uskoci are trained in a variety of medieval skills (sword fighting, shooting from firelocks, flintlock rifles, cannons, archery, etc.). During many years of working on historical re-enactment, theatre plays and movies, they have demonstrated and proved their skills and ability to act. Kliški uskoci are accustomed to performing in all environments and conditions, to improvise and to act in accordance with current situation.

Kliški uskoci participate in various film projects of domestic and foreign production. They know the way of work on film sets and the process of filmmaking. They are stuntmen and actors in scenes of sword fighting, shooting from rifles and cannons, archery, assault and defence of forts and ships and in other scenes of life, struggle, glory and tragedy. The most significant work was on Game of Thrones, The Age of Uskoks, Alka.

Game of Thrones

One of the most watched and most famous series in the world, "Game of Thrones", was largely filmed at various locations in Croatia. Among the most important and most popular locations is Klis Fortress. In the series, the fortress presents the city of Meereen where Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen comes with her army in the fourth season of the series. The city of Meereen appears in the series during the fourth, fifth and sixth season.

Kliški uskoci have been involved in the filming process since the very beginning. As hosts, they have presented Klis Fortress when it was in consideration for a filming location. Members of the historical unit assisted the production in location-related matters, worked on the set in various functions, and were extras and actors in various roles.



The Age of Uskoks

One of the biggest series of domestic production is the documentary series "The Age of Uskoks". The theme of the series is the history of Uskoks, their way of life and their struggle against the Ottomans and other (Venetian) threats. Filming took place on many locations throughout Croatia, of which the most important are Klis Fortress, Senj, Dubrovnik, Grobnik Castle, Old Town Ribnik, Ston.

Kliški uskoci, who daily revive the history of Uskoks, collaborated and filmed on almost all locations, contributing with their medieval combat skills and their work experience in projects of historical themes. As stuntmen, they have performed special action scenes and they did it with special motivation, because they were filming the uskok history. Kliški uskoci also specially announced the premiere of the series dressed in the costumes that were used in the series.




The long tradition of Alka of Sinj, which is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, is shown in the documentary film "Alka". The film was created in cooperation between Croatian Radio Television and "Viteško alkarsko društvo Sinj" on occasion of the 300th anniversary of the victory over the Ottomans and the 300th anniversary of Alka tournament. The film shows the Ottoman siege of Sinj and victory of its defenders, basic features of the knight tournament Alka, and its local, Croatian, European and world importance.

Live action parts of the film that depict the siege were mostly filmed on the Knin fortress and in Planika near Sinj. For the purpose of filming, the former rampart of Sinj fortress was reconstructed on the hill Planica near Glavice, so-called Korlat, where the fiercest battles occurred. A part of Korlat was built from a stone wall on which pointed timbers were placed in length of 50 meters and height of 4 and a half meters. Kliški uskoci took part in scenes of sword fighting and shooting from flintlock rifles and firelocks depicting the defence against the Ottoman invasion.



Kliški uskoci also work on other film projects, participate in theatre plays and they are always active in many events of historical re-enactment throughout Croatia and Europe.

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