Kliški uskoci titled "Dragons of Klis Fortress"

By decision of Master Assembly on the 36th regular session held on February 4, 2009, Historical Unit "Kliški uskoci" was chosen for contributor of Society of "Brethren of Croatian Dragon". Society of "Brethren of Croatian Dragon" is a Croatian brotherhood and cultural association based on principles of friendship, fellowship, volunteering, collective work and decision-making, with the purpose of preserving and renewing Croatian cultural heritage and reviving memory of events from Croatian past and memory of worthy Croats.

God bless us! - Long live the Croatian Dragon!

The aforementioned quote from recived letter reveals great acknowledgment of honoring Historical Unit "Kliški uskoci" in one of the status forms of membership/affiliation within the ranks of Society of "Brethren of Croatian Dragon", one of the oldest and most respected Croatian cultural associations. This is the association whose members in 1937, on the 400th anniversary of the heroic death of famous Petar Kružić, Klis duke and captain, placed a commemorative stone in the cliff of historic Klis Fortress, with carved and still today preserved text:

(…) To locals to take pride and lesson, to foreigner to think, about our sacrifice for defense of Christianity and European culture.

It is a great obligation for our historical unit to persist even more in its work with additionally binding honorary title - "Dragons of Klis Fortress".

Historical Unit Kliški uskoci

Trg Mejdan 7, 21231 Klis, Splitsko-dalmatinska, Croatia
info@kliskiuskoci.hr   damirzura@gmail.com
+385 98 1771836   +385 21 240223
Damir Žura, president of the association