Crown of Croatian Rulers

On Croatian Independence Day (October 8th), Historical Unit "Kliški uskoci" and Students of History Association "Toma Arhiđakon" organize "Crown of Croatian Rulers", a manifestation to mark two important events in Croatian history - anniversary of Queen Jelena's death (976) and crowning of King Zvonimir (1075).

This manifestation of historical re-enactment is a part of project "Regnum Croatorum", which aims to valorise old Croatian archaeological sites in wider Split area and present a medieval revitalized history from the period of royal house Trpimirovići (from the first half of the 9th century to the end of the 11th century). The event takes place on three significant Croatian archaeological sites in Solin and Klis: next to the remains of the church of Blessed Virgin Mary on Our Lady's Island, in the church of St. Peter and Moses ("Hollow Church") and in Klis Fortress.

The program begins with a solemn parade of historical units and knight groups in honour of Queen Jelena from Our Lady's Island, along the river Jadro, to the remains of the church of St. Peter and Moses ("Hollow Church"). Historical units and knight groups that participated in the parade in 2018: "Praetoriani Croatorum" (Split-Klis), "Domagojevi strijelci" (Vid), "Vitezovi kralja Zvonimira" (Knin) and "Vitezovi Vranski" (Pakoštane-Vrana).

In foundations of the church on Our Lady's Island, there are remains of the medieval church of St. Stephen, where the sarcophagus of Queen Jelena, the mother of Stjepan Držislav and the wife of Mihajlo Krešimir, was found. After that discovery, the exact genealogy of the Croatian royal dynasty Trpimirovići was established. Upon arrival into the church of St. Peter and Moses ("Hollow Church"), the crowning of King Zvonimir is recreated. Namely, it was in that church on October 8, 1075, abbot Gebizon (on behalf of Pope Gregory VII) crowned Dmitar Zvonimir as King of Croatia and Dalmatia.

The program continues in Klis Fortress with various educational and entertaining workshops for children and adults:

  • school of swordplay and archery (Kliški uskoci)
  • school of heraldry (Mate Božić, association „Toma Arhiđakon“)
  • school of Glagolitic (Anamarija Bašić, association „Toma Arhiđakon“)
  • school of embossing (Ivan Čarić, association „Toma Arhiđakon“)
  • medieval cuisine (Franka Škoro, Ines Čačinović, Anamarija Bašić, association „Toma Arhiđakon“)

Historical Unit Kliški uskoci

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Mile Barić, president of the association