Days of Uskoks in Senj

Every year in July, Senj returns to the 16th century, the most remarkable time in the history of Senj. This is when the fortress Nehaj was built and when Senj Uskoks, by whom Senj is best-known, lived their most glorious moments.

This manifestation of historical re-enactment recreates events, clothing, customs, and food from that time. The event features traditional trade fair, archery and swordsmanship workshop, historical and educational performances, juggling performances, fire juggling, medieval dances, archaic music... Senj Uskoks and guest uskok and knight groups recreate knight duels and tournaments, day and night siege of the city, and a naval battle in Senj harbour.

Kliški uskoci have taken part in the Days of Uskoks in Senj since the first year of manifestation. Uskoks of the two uskok towns, Klis and Senj, together keep a memory of the glorious age of uskoks and keep a connection between the towns as in the 16th and 17th century.

Historical Unit Kliški uskoci

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